Keep Care of Your Pack

“For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” – Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book

Researchers believe that dogs evolved from wolves between 10,000 and 32,000 years ago (1). Some have argued even earlier (2, 3). Although some have claimed that humans domesticated dogs, Brian Hare, the dog expert from Duke University, says that it is more likely that wolves domesticated themselves, scavenging off our human food. According to him, wolves and humans have always had a competitive relationship and more friendly wolves could get close enough to survive on the scraps from humans without being killed. They then proved their worthiness through helping humans hunt (4).

Although always competitive with wolves, humans have a lot in common with them. We both have to cooperate with others in order to be successful, and are more successful when we are social. However, the amazing thing is that, through domestication, humans and wolves used each other’s skills in order to survive together (4), until domestication created the modern day dog. For the past 10 – 32,000 years, humans and wolves have been forming packs together, which is something we still do today.

Not many relationships have lasted that long.

This blog is called The Pack Heals for a simple reason – the pack works together in order to survive together. Before Cleopatra ruled Egypt, before the Bible, even before the Mesopotamian civilization, humans have been in a relationship with dogs. Entire tribes benefited from them, creating a tribe/pack in order to survive.

Nowadays, North Americans have an easier time surviving. We no longer spend our days hunting. Instead, we work at computers in offices, and make our own lunch that we bought in a store. Our children do not die at young ages. We do not need our dogs to help us corner food.

However, humans have not evolved so much that we do not have these more ancestral needs. Our pack no longer helps us survive, but rather, our packs help us heal. We have to focus on ensuring everyone in our pack, whether it be our children, our significant others, our parents, and our dogs’ needs are met. We focus so much on improving our lives through better careers, more money, and higher products. However, our natural self needs us to keep care of our packs, including ourselves.

That is what this blog is here for – to help remind you to keep care of yourself and your pack – it is the most important thing.

Welcome to The Pack Heals pack. Click here to learn more about our mission.






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  1. Rebecca MKT says:

    Great post! Very interesting and informative🙂

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    1. thepackheals says:

      Thanks! I hope I can continue to bring you great content!

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