An Interview with Cesar Millan, as heard on The School of Greatness

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am so sorry that I have not posted in a while! My husband and I went on a late honeymoon and since I wanted to heal our pack relationship, I wanted to leave work out of that vacation. Our trip will be a story for another day.

Although at home my pack has always fulfilled me, my daily life was on the wrong path.

In January, I realized that I have been going through life unfulfilled. I have always done what I should do, the typical next step for myself. This typical path did get me my pack, of which I am immensely grateful for, though it did not get me fulfillment in any way. 

I have always been the type of person to look for a better life. I have constantly pushed myself towards it. I used to read self-help books, read inspiration on WordPress, and listen to upbeat music. But why did I not feel happy or passionate about anything I was doing? The only thing I was and still am passionate about was my pack. However, during the day I would pass the time in a zoned-out state, not getting anything really done and not moving forward so that my entire life brought me joy. This lack of fulfillment caused me to not be the best wife and dog owner that I could be because I was unmotivated to do anything. The unhappiness was affecting my pack – the one thing that matters most to me.

I decided I needed a change. What was the worst that could happen?

I have an hour long commute each way to work and, before Christmas holidays, I would spend that time listening to music. I thought that perhaps I could use my time more wisely, so I decided to download podcasts to pass the time where I could learn and improve myself. I looked up the top podcasts and read up on recommended podcasts until I had a very long list of episodes to listen to. These podcasts were not just informational, but also inspirational.

One of these episodes changed my life.

The School of Greatness is a podcast where Lewis Howes interviews many inspirational people. Since I have listened to this episode, I have listened to many of the episodes. Each one is extremely inspiring and has helped improve my own life through applicable steps. However, the first episode that called out to me was his episode with Cesar Millan.

The most important thing in life is your pack. Take care of it.

This episode helped inspire my current venture.

Everyone seems to worry about the things they have and how to go more forward in life. They worry about their career, how to get the better car, and how to pick up the hottest girl. None of that matters. What matters is that our pack is taken care of. This pack does not have to be blood, it can be chosen through friends and even through animals. The goal in life is to make sure the pack not only survives, but thrives. If we are selfish and only care about ourselves, the pack will crumble when life becomes difficult. We have to support each other in any way that we can and help improve the lives of those in our pack.

If we can push our selfish wants and ego aside and focus on improving the lives of those around us – we can find fulfillment. Imagine how our lives can improve if what we worry about is not about what we do not have, but rather improving the lives of the things you care about the most so that everyone is happy and is supported. Negative emotions such as jealousy of others or insecurity will reduce because you are doing what is best for yourself and your pack, not what others have. If you can make your mission to improve your pack, you can feel proud knowing that you are making the lives of the most important ones in your life (including you!) the best it can be.

This podcast episode helped inspire this blog and my future business venture. The Pack Heals wants to help people feel better about themselves and help them focus on the pack to help improve their own lives in order to find fulfillment – whether it be with our significant others, family, friends, and even the animals (such as dogs and cats!) that help bring joy to our lives.

The more united and healthy the pack, the better your life and the life of your loved ones will be.

Have you found your sense of fulfillment? Do you think that this comes from helping others in your own pack? What do you think limits your feelings of fulfillment?



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